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FURR – Feral University Rebel Rescuers
University of Mississippi


Everyone – Before you decide to get a pet, make sure that you are ready for the responsibility. As a pet owner you will become responsible for your pet’s health, happiness, and welfare for the rest of its life. Dogs often live 10+ years and cats can live up to 20 years old. If you decide to get a pet: Spay or Neuter your pet!! The one-time cost of fixing your pet will be worth not having to find homes for unwanted litters and for the very real possibility that homes cannot be found and the puppies or kittens will have to be euthanized. About 5 million healthy cats and dogs under one year old are killed each year due to pet overpopulation. Please Do Not Dump!

If you happen to be in school,  think twice, three times, or more before deciding to get a pet. Much of your time is devoted to studies, and possibly work, not to mention socializing. Will you have time to devote to the care and training of a pet? Remember that this pet will be with you for at least the next decade. Many rental units do not allow pets, or only pets of a certain size. What will happen to that animal if your landlord says that the animal must go…do you break the lease or get rid of the pet?

Also, if you are unable to keep your pet due to unfortunate circumstances (and moving is not a good reason): Please do not dump your pet on campus, along the highway or road, in a forest, or in some neighborhood. Make an effort to find it a home. Contact local veterinary offices. Many of them have bulletin boards.There are websites online devoted to finding homes for pets.  Plan on taking some time to find a loving home for the pet who gave you so much love, loyalty, and devotion. Dumping your pet is not only inhumane but is just plain Wrong. Please consult with the staff at OLHS (Oxford Lafayette Humane Society), or 9 Lives Cat Rescue if you are considering getting a pet – they can counsel you so that you pick the right pet for your home and lifestyle.