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FURR – Feral University Rebel Rescuers
University of Mississippi

We Need Volunteers!!

Anyone is welcome to volunteer with FURR. This includes students, staff, faculty, and community members. We are always in need of volunteers.

*A note to students – If you are a member of a Greek organization and/or a member of the Honors College you may earn community service hours by volunteering for us. We have approval from both the Dean of Students and the Honors College. Staff and students can join through the OrgSync Portal here, or by emailing

Administrative efforts – we currently are searching for a new Staff Advisor. The Staff Advisor serves as the University staff member who serves as the main contact, and  oversees student activities. The Staff Advisor will work closely with the volunteers to coordinate fundraisers, trapping, fostering, and other activities.

Feed – There are currently 10 feeding stations through campus.  Ole Miss faculty and staff volunteer to help feed the colonies Monday through Friday, and weekends and holidays. Email if you would like to join us, or sign up via Orgsync.

Fundraising – We also need people to help us with fundraising. We encourage the volunteer to raise funds in a way that interests them. This could include things like grant writing or setting up a booth or even speaking to a local business to allow for a collection jar at their establishment. The Belk Charity sale takes place twice a year, and selling tickets is a quick and easy way to volunteer.

Trap – We need volunteer trappers. New cats appear on campus frequently,  volunteers are needed to set traps, monitor them, and take them to the animal clinic to be examined, spayed or neutered, and vaccinated.

Spread the Word – We also need people to spread the word about our organization. This can be done officially by handing out flyers, participating in campus events, or telling a club or organization about us; or unofficially by telling animal-friendly people about what we do.


Donations of cat food and money are always welcome. Cat food goes straight to the cats, obviously. Money pays for things like surgery supplies, vaccinations, food, traps, signs, bowls, building material (for feeding stations), etc.

Cat sightings

We routinely monitor the different colonies and cats within those colonies on campus. If you see a cat on campus please e-mail us or call with its location and a clear description of the cat. If we are aware of the colony then we can actively pursue sterilizing those cats.

Fostering and Adopting

We are regularly in need of homes that can foster kittens and adult domesticated cats found on campus. Please contact us if you are interested in fostering when the need arises. We are also regularly in need of permanent homes for the adoptable cats/kittens that we rescue from campus.